Cinnamon’s Chocolates 2000-2014

Through 44 years in the chocolate business, Master Confectioner Tom Cinnamon gathered a wealth of knowledge about chocolate and candy making. In April of 2000, we (Tom &  wife Kathi) used that talent and experience to begin our own shop, Cinnamon’s Chocolates. We and our staff have made thousands of delicious home style, handmade chocolates and other confections from the freshest and finest ingredients available over the years.

Tom trained in Belgium, Pennsylvania, California, and Vancouver and has also taught and consulted around the world including a trip to Russia on behalf of the California Almond Board. He also consulted for several folks who wanted to start their own chocolate businesses, needed help with recipes etc.  During one of those consulting jobs, he needed to make something to test out a cooker.  He made his peanut brittle.  When he brought it home to the family, we all said you have to share this with other people!  So it’s the peanut brittle that started it all.  With all the wonderful opportunities to travel, for Tom, nothing ever beat his return to work with his own small, hands-on operation and the deep and personal satisfaction each day in the fine chocolates that are produced.

All three of our kids (his two, my one)helped at different times in the candy kitchen and while they supported us doing what we loved and they all loved it too, they quite sensibly came to the conclusion that owning your own small chocolate business is a challenging way to make a living.  While they’ve gone on to other things, their support and participation (and bragging) made this a truly family experience for us.

Lots of our employees have been like family too, they’ve worked hard, made us laugh (and laugh) and shown such dedication.  We’ve been so lucky to have such great people come work here time after time.  Lots have been students who themselves have gone on to bigger things.  We’ve been several people’s first jobs and like to think we’ve helped some young folks on their way to growing into wonderful adults.  We’ve made friendships that will last the rest of our lives.

We’ve had wonderful support from our community too – both customers, fellow business owners, local papers and associations.   Our landlord and his family have been such great friends and colleagues.  We’ve been so proud to use Avalon Dairy organic dairy in our chocolates – we think it’s made a huge difference in the taste and quality of our chocolates and confections.  Although you might not expect it, we have also had great support from other chocolate folks – who are the best kind of people.  Cinnamon’s would not have continued to exist without the support of the Charlie’s Chocolates family.  And all our friends who have helped in so many ways, one in particular who we think does not want to be mentioned here – we couldn’t have done it without you either!

After several years of challenging times in the life of our small business, Cinnamon’s Chocolates is closing it’s doors as of end of day Easter Sunday.  We’ve been so fortunate to have had this experience and are grateful to everyone who participated in it.   We are ready…. not to stop working but certainly to stop worrying.

We’re going to continue to make treats and take them to market.  We’ve re enlisted for the Friday night Shipyards market and new this year have been accepted for the Ambleside market Sunday mornings.  We’ll see how that goes before we add more.  Please stop by and say hi if you’re in the area.  We’ll be in the booth called “Munch” and we’re working on a bit of a website at

Thank you all so much!  Tom and Kathi